Next up in our series is Murder of Crows, probably my favorite vigor in the game. There are few things more satisfying than unleashing a flock of ravenous carrion birds to peck out your opponents eyes. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is doing the same thing but with BEES!

This recipe was a bit tougher to figure out. We wanted to get a deep crimson color to evoke the scene where you first drink the vigor. We also wanted to make sure, as we did with Possession, that the ingredients produced a nice, distinct flavor.

Taking stock of our bar, we considered grenadine and blue curacao, but while they would bring us to the right color, the final drink would be far too sweet. Heather did a bit of research and suggested Crème De Cassis, a liquor made from black currants.

We’ve been cooking a lot with currants lately, ever since we picked up A Feast of Ice and Fire, Inn At The Crossroads‘s fantastic Game of Thrones themed cookbook. So, with Crème De Cassis as the first ingredient, we took a look at potential liqours that would go well with the currant. We came up with the following recipe.


1 oz Goldschlager or similar cinnamon schnapps
.5 oz Crème De Cassis
4 oz Ginger Beer
Served on the rocks

The ingredients produce a bright crimson drink with a very light, sweet and spicy flavor. We’ve had a chance to put this together for some guests and they commented that it barely tastes like there’s alcohol in it at all. The schnapps is strong enough that you only really need an ounce to get the ABV on par for a cocktail. Plus, with the strong cinnamon flavor, any more would be overkill.

Murder of Crows

If you want a stronger drink both in flavor and alcohol content, we recommend you add more cinnamon schnapps and Crème De Cassis, but keep the amount of Ginger Beer the same.

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